Weekly Sign Lunches

Informal sign lunches with students, faculty, and interested community members occur during the academic year. They take place each Friday (except on holidays) from 1-2 p.m. in the back room of the "Pav" food court in Newcomb Hall (first floor). All are welcome.  The only rule is no voicing.

Charlottesville Sign Suppers

Sign suppers usually occur on the third Wednesday of each month at a local restaurant. All are welcome. Click here for details.

Upcoming ASL/Deaf Culture Lecture Series Event

All events are free and open to the public.  Interpreting into spoken English provided for non-signing hearing members of audience.

Upcoming events TBA.

Past ASL/Deaf Culture Lecture Series Presentations

Christopher Jon Heuer, Ph.D, Kristen Harmon, Ph.D., Tonya Stremlau, Ph.D., and Lilah Katcher, "An Evening of Fiction" (3/23/18)
Willy Conley (with two Gallaudet student actors), "A Taste of Deaf Theater" (2/22/18)
Evon Black, "Black Deaf Americans: Challenges and Successes" (1/24/18)

Panel of former ASL students at U.Va., "Using ASL in Our Professions" (4/5/17)
Jenny Witteborg & Rhonda Jennings-Arey, "LEAD-K: Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids" (2/28/17)
Madan Vasishta, Ph.D., "An Evening with the Author of Deaf in Delhi and Deaf in DC" (11/1/16)
Terry Malcolm, "The Importance of Certifiied Deaf Interpreters (CDIs)" (9/29/16)

Monique Holt, "Live! ASL Storytelling Performance" (2/18/16)
Caroline Solomon, Ph.D, "Making Waves: Engaging Deaf People in STEM Fields" (2/9/16)
Nancy Rourke, "My Journey from Deafhood to 'Artivism'" (10/20/15)

Glenn Anderson, Ph.D., "The Other Movement Inspired by Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement" (1/23/15)
"An Evening with Deaf World Travellers" (panel discussion) (10/28/14)
Joseph J. Murray, Ph.D., "Deaf Gain: Rethinking Human Diversity" (9/16/14)

Alan Abarbanell, “The World of Abababa”  (4/1/14)
Rocco DeVito, “Legendary Deaf Coaches” (11/19/13)
Melissa Draganac-Hawk, "Diversity in the Deaf Community: My Personal Journey" (10/29/13)

Wayne Betts, Jr., "Deaf Lens: Deaf Perspectives in Filmmaking" (4/9/13)
Henry "Hank" Klopping, Ed.D., "Doing the Math to Save Schools for the Deaf" (3/19/13)
Daniel Koo, Ph.D., "Signs of Things Past: The Effect of ASL and Modality on Working Memory" (11/13/12)

Monique Holt, "Chinese Folklore and Shakespearean Sonnets in ASL" (3/27/12)
John Lee Clark, “Writing from the Margins: Deaf-Blind People in North America, 1850 to the Present” (2/21/12)
Claudia L. Gordon, "Justice Everywhere: Civil Rights and the Disability Community" (1/26/12)

"See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary" (film screening 3/22/11)
Brian Greenwald, Ph.D., "Calling A.G. Bell: Eugenics and Deaf Americans, 1883-1922" (2/22/11)
Gaurav Mathur, Ph.D., "What Makes Sign Languages Unique? Building Signs" (11/10/10)

Flying Words Project (Peter Cook and Kenny Lerner), "Live!: Poetry in Motion" (3/23/10)
"Spotlight: VSDB Virginia School for the Deaf" (film screening with Deaf director Jennifer Witteborg, 10/27/09)
Kristen Harmon, Ph.D., "Transdeaf: Hearing People Desiring Deafness" (9/29/09)

Greg Hlibok and Michael S. Stein, "Deaf People and the Law" (3/10/09)
Patti Durr, "Visual Histories: Deaf People's Experiences in the Holocaust" (10/23/08)
Mel Carter, "Looking Back: Tales of a Deaf Virginian" (9/30/08)

Benjamin Jarashow, "Live! ASL Storytelling and Poetry" (3/26/08)
Carol-lee Aquiline, "Deaf People and Human Rights: Focus on Developing Countries" (11/13/07)
Douglas C. Baynton, Ph.D., "'The Undesirability of Admitting Deaf Mutes': Deaf Immigrants and American Immigration Law, 1882-1924" (10/4/07)

Cinnie MacDougall, "Roleshifting: Uses in Signing and ASL Storytelling" (3/27/07)
"Through Deaf Eyes" (preview screening of clips from PBS documentary and discussion with Rachel Bavister, 3/13/07) 
Manny Hernandez, "Live! ASL Storytelling" (10/10/06)

Derek Braun, Ph.D., and Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, "Genetics and Deafness: Science and Ethics" (4/11/06) 
Deborah Meranski Sonnenstrahl, Ph.D., "Deaf Artists in America: Colonial to Contemporary" (3/25/06) 
Trix Bruce, "An Evening of Improv: Whose ASL is It?" (3/14/06) 
"Audism Unveiled" (film screening and discussion with H-Dirksen L. Bauman, Ph.D., 2/28/06)

Arkady Belozovsky, "The Emergence of Deaf Mafia in the Former Soviet Union" (4/8/05)
Scott K. Liddell, Ph.D., "Directional Signs and Meaning in American Sign Language" (3/18/05) 
Harry G. Lang, Ph.D., "Deaf Heritage: Untold Stories" (11/4/04)
Lori Maynard, "Halloween ASL Storytelling" (10/19/04)

Mike Kemp, Ed.D.: "Travels Abroad: Deaf Communities and Sign Language Teacher Education in other Countries" (4/7/04) 
Thomas K. Holcomb, Ph.D.: "Demystifying Deaf Culture" (3/17/04)
Michelle A. Banks, "Crossing Boundaries: My Journey as a Black Deaf Actress" (11/6/03)

Joseph J. Murray, "Deaf-Deaf Marriages: The Transatlantic Debate 1883-1900" (4/4/03) 
John Schuchman, Ph.D.: "Deaf People in Hitler's Europe" (3/22/03)
John Schuchman, Ph.D.: "Hollywood Speaks: Deafness and the Film Entertainment Industry" (11/15/02)

Cynthia Peters, Ph.D.: "American Deaf Literature: From Carnival to the Canon" (3/23/02)
"Cochlear Implants and Deaf Pride: Possible?!?!?" (Panel discussion with Irene W. Leigh, Ph.D., 2/21/02)
Reginald Redding, Ph.D.: "A Journey through the American Deaf School System" (11/15/01)

Harlan Lane, Ph.D.: "Social Constructions of Deafness" (3/24/01)
Donalda Ammons, Ph.D.: "Deaf Education around the World" (11/9/00) 
Lou Fant: "Perspectives of a CODA" (10/17/00)

Brenda Schertz: "Deaf Art: Visualizing Deaf Culture" (4/11/00) 
Connie Briscoe: "An Evening of Fiction" (3/25/00)
Katherine Jankowski, Ph.D.: "Deaf Empowerment" (3/24/00) 
Ella Mae Lentz: "An Evening of ASL Poetry" (10/18/99)

Betty G. Miller, Ed.D.: "Oppression is Personal: A Deaf Artist's View" (4/27/99)
Bill Ennis: "Live! Deaf Storytelling and Humor" (4/15/99)
Roslyn Rosen, Ph.D.: "Deaf Education: Today and Tomorrow" (3/1/99)

"'I Love You, But...'" (film screening and video introduction by Lawrence Fleischer, Ph.D., 4/16/98)
Dawn Skwersky: "A Deaf Filmmaker's View of Working in the Entertainment Industry" (3/24/98)
Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan: "Using Film to Create Change in Our Community" (3/2/98)
Ted Supalla, Ph.D.: "Historical Films: A Window to Deaf America in the Early 20th Century" (2/6/98)

Bernard Bragg: "Signs on Stage: A Look at Deaf Theatre" (4/22/97)
Betty G. Miller, Ed.D.: "Representing Deaf Experience: Deaf View Image Art" (3/20/97)
Peter Cook: "Avant Garde ASL Poetry: New Dimensions" (2/27/97)

Ben Bahan, Ph.D.: "ASL Literary Traditions" (4/12/96)
Carol Padden, Ph.D.: "How Sign Languages Work" (3/27/96)
Lindsay Dunn: "The Black Deaf Experience" (3/4/96)
Jack Gannon: "A Look at Deaf America" (2/15/96)

Gilbert Eastman: "ASL Storytelling" (4/11/95)
Khadijat "Kubby" Rashid: "The International Deaf Community: A Nigerian Perspective" (3/23/95)
M.J. Bienvenu: "Deaf Culture" (3/6/95)
Clayton Valli, Ph.D.: "ASL Linguistics and Poetry" (2/23/95)

Barbara Kannapell, Ph.D.: "Bilingual Education: Good for Deaf Children?" and "Gender and Deaf Culture" (11/17/93)

Videos of some of these lectures are available in the Robertson Media Center, Clemons Library.